My Story

How did LNM begin?

I am Bianca and these are my handsome little men Nate and Levi. 

When I was pregnant the first time around with Nate 5years ago, I struggled to find any decent boys clothes. I would go to so many stores and find rows and rows of beautiful girls clothes and one rack of boys. It would make it so hard to go shopping to just find cute little sets of clothes without having to go to at least 3 different stores. I then found it hard to even find clothes for myself whether it be maternity or nursing clothes. I am normally a size 8 on a regular basis so I would struggle to find clothes that didn't make me look frumpy or bigger than what I was. 

I hated the fact that you needed to update your wardrobe while pregnant and then again when nursing. That was 5 years ago and I found I struggled with the same thing this time around. So hear I am on maternity leave flicking through websites and going through stores to either find that A- I can't find anything I like that I am able to breastfeed in and B- I found things I did like were way over priced for what they were just because they were the MATERNITY RANGE. 

So I thought to myself why don't I just create a site that is user friendly for mums like me who struggle with the same things I do. Finding clothes that are on trend and that you are able to nurse in. I wanted a one stop shop where you can find what you are looking for without having to search the net for hours on end to then find nothing you like or it cost you a kidney. I have started a small collection which I am happily growing as we speak.

I am just your average mum of now two boys who would love to help out fellow mamas with the same struggles and this is how LNM The Label was created. 

When you buy from LNM The Label you are supporting a small business and helping a working mama provide for her family, all whilst pursuing her passion!

Thank you

Bianca x